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About Ron Lockman, a founding member of the Certified Access Specialist Institute
Ronald V. Lockman is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp) for public and private commercial properties who has met the California State Architect's specific criteria to be identified as a CASp. He provides ADA-compliance consulting, inspections and written reports to help businesses meet Federal and State construction-related accessibility standards.

A founding member of the Certified Access Specialist Institute, Ronald V. Lockman has also been a General Building Contractor (#625671) serving San Diego County since 1991 and has been in the construction industry since 1973. His unique combination of CASp certification and construction experience means that he can help businesses identify areas of non-ADA-compliance as well as oversee the improvements needed to bring your site into compliance. Ron also does Plan Check and Design Review.

Businesses in San Diego County and throughout the state of California are becoming the targets of lawsuits based on accessibility for disabled individuals. Act before you get sued. Learn more about the Americans with Disabilities Act construction-related requirements and how having a CASp Evaluation Report from Access for All can help protect you and your business. Call us at 760-519-4335 or or email to make your appointment today.