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Did you know that there are over 200 ADA-accessibility-related regulations in a single public restroom? Businesses are increasingly facing lawsuits from individuals or groups who maintain that the business is not accessible to persons with disabilities. But often, lawsuits are initiated due to issues that can be easily corrected.

Ronald V. Lockman CASp of Access for All provides a full range of services to help California businesses identify and address areas of construction-related non-compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title 24 of the state of California. Learn more about how simply having a CASp Inspection and Evaluation Report can help protect your business in the event you get sued.

Ronald V. Lockman CASp of Access for All provides the following services:
One-hour consultations
Full facility inspections for ADA compliance
Written CASp Evaluation Reports which detail your facilities condition with regard to compliance with all relevant Federal and State construction-related accessibility standards
Assistance with necessary construction improvements needed to become ADA-compliant (Ronald is also a licensed General Building Contractor #625671)

Access for All is based in San Diego County and serves public and private businesses throughout the state of California, including:
Hospitals and clinics

If you’re a business owner, act before you get sued. Call today to discuss your facility and make an appointment for a consultation.