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Many businesses in California have been threatened with lawsuits because their facility is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title 24 of the State of California. Even if your business has been inspected by a City or County Inspector, there’s no guarantee that you are not at risk. Many lawsuits are initiated over issues that could have been easily corrected.

Having a CASp inspection and report can help protect you as described under Senate Bill #1608. A recent article by the California Chamber of Commerce explains more about how a CASp report protects businesses here. If you are ever sued, you must have a CASp evaluation report to be eligible to request a 90-day stay of the proceedings and an Early Evaluation Conference. If you do not have a CASp inspection report, you will be barred from this benefit and the lawsuit will proceed.

Businesses whose facilities have been CASp evaluated are eligible to request a window sign stating that they have been CASp inspected. This sign shows that the business has taken proactive steps to comply with the construction-related accessibility standards.

Tax credits and deductions are available to businesses when they make improvements associated with ADA regulations. Please ask your accountant about these worthwhile incentives.

Ronald V. Lockman, CASp of Access for All provides consultations and written CASp reports which detail your facility’s condition with respect to compliance with all relevant Federal and State ADA construction-related and accessibility-related regulations. Call to make your appointment today.